Calhoun County leads in new business growth for May

GRANTSVILLE — Calhoun County led in business growth by percentage in May with four new businesses, West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner said on Thursday.

An increase of four in Calhoun County is 2.50 percent growth, according to the secretary of state. The Business & Licensing Division reported the top five counties in May were Calhoun, Mason, Monroe, Summers and Braxton.

The number of business entities in Calhoun County grew from 160 to 164, according to the state. Mason County grew from 607 to 621, Monroe County from 433 to 443, Summers County from 371 to 379 and Braxton County went from 367 to 374 business entities.

Statewide, West Virginia saw an 11.31 percent growth in business registrations in the previous 12-month period, Warner said. The growth in the 12-month period was led by Summers County with 21.09 percent growth.

“West Virginia is experiencing a steady growth in new business start-ups. That growth is a very important and significant objective for a strong economy,” Warner said.

Wood County posted a net growth of one, starting with 3,074 businesses and increasing to 3,075 businesses for the period.

Net growth from other counties in the region: Jackson, 928 to 929; Doddridge, 205 to 208; Roane, no growth, 447; Ritchie, 374 to 378; Tyler, 230 to 232; Wirt, no growth, 125; Pleasants, 185 to 186; Gilmer, 235 to 234.