Hill wins Nurse Excellence Award

Ten finalists for the 2019 Nurse Excellence Award at WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center were recognized during a luncheon Tuesday at the hospital. From left are Jody Hill, who won the award; Michelle Warehime; Lynn Ohrn; Jessica Lyter; Mendy Kemp; Lenee Hartleben; Missy Dolly; Nathan Pybus; Kaitlyn Bowman and Charlene Welker. (Photo by Brett Dunlap)

PARKERSBURG — The nominees and the winner of the 2019 Nurse Excellence Award exemplify the best of the nursing profession and the nurses throughout the WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center, hospital officials said.

Jody Hill of the 1East section of the hospital was named the 2019 Nurse Excellence Winner during a luncheon Tuesday at the hospital for the10 finalists for the award. This week is National Nurses Week.

In addition to Hill, the other finalists were Kaitlyn Bowman, Missy Dolly, Lenee Hartleben, Mendy Kemp, Jessica Lyter, Lynn Ohrn, Nathan Pybus, Michelle Warehime and Charlene Welker.

”Our frontline nurses nominated their peers,” said Vice President of Patient Care Services Christine Daniels. ”Some of the things they mentioned were ‘compassion,’ ‘caring,’ ‘being a patient advocate,’ ‘being a role model,’ ‘respectful,’ ‘good communicator,’ ‘dedicated,’ ‘highly engaged’ and many of those things go along with our core values of WVU Medicine Camden Clark.”

Hill’s compassion and commitment and going beyond what was expected led to her being chosen for the award, Daniels said.

Jody Hill was named the winner of the 2019 Nurse Excellence Award at WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center during a luncheon Tuesday. (Photo by Brett Dunlap)

Hill was shocked and surprised to receive the award.

”It is very heartwarming and I am very thankful,” she said.

Hill said she became a nurse for the challenge, to continually learn new things and provide compassionate care to people.

”I learn everyday from my colleagues,” she said.

Everyday she starts by looking over the patients’ labwork and what needs to be done that day throughout the whole unit. Officials said their unit works with a lot of patients at the end of life and Hill always shows compassion for the patients and their families.

”That is part of being a nurse; you have to be compassionate to be a nurse,” Hill said. ”It is about being a people person. You have to put yourself in every position that every patient is in and approach their care from that mindset.”

Lauren Gillian, Hill’s manager, talked about working with Hill for the last six months.

”Coming in here it was evident how respected and admired she is,” Gillian said.

Hill was quoted as saying, “Everybody is important to the care of the patient, not just the nurse. We are all vital in their success.”

”Jody is a true advocate for her patients and the nurses alike,” Gillian said. ”I have witnessed her calling doctors to reiterate and question things that were concerning of things we needed to look into further.

”She is highly engaged and motivates the staff to embrace new initiatives and changes.”

Hill continues to care for the patients and their families after she leaves work, including calling them as well as attending funerals and providing those families additional support after they leave the hospital, Gillian said.

”She leads by example,” she said.

In honor of National Nurses Week, Parkersburg Mayor Tom Joyce read a proclamation from the city urging all residents to honor the nurses in the area who provide care to the entire community.

Nurses constitute the nation’s largest health care profession, he read. The demand for registered nurses will be greater because of the aging American population, the continuing expansion of life-sustaining technologies and the explosive growth of home health care services, Joyce said.

Each of the nominees for the 2019 Nurse Excellence Award represents the hospital’s updated ICARE Values, which includes integrity, caring, accountability, respect and excellence.

”What I really loved about these nominees is they really demonstrated all of those values that we have in our organization,” Daniels said.