Michaels: No confirmation on Parkersburg Pat Catan’s

PARKERSBURG — The Michaels Companies declined to say which closing Pat Catan’s stores will be rebranded as Michaels, one day after the manager of the Park Shopping Center said that’s the plan for the Parkersburg location.

Michaels, which purchased the Pat Catan’s chain in 2016, announced in January that all 36 of those arts and crafts stores would be closing in the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year. At the time, they said as many as 12 stores would be reopened as Michaels locations later this year.

On Thursday, an email from Michaels said 12 stores have been identified for the rebranding, but the lease negotiation process must be completed for each store before the locations can be confirmed publicly.

“We intend to rebrand and reopen up to 12 as new Michaels locations later this year, and we are actively exploring ways we can honor the Pat Catan’s brand in The Michaels Companies,” a statement from Michaels says.

Park Shopping Center manager Brad Glazer said Wednesday the local store will be rebranded as Michaels and he expects it to happen soon.

“We are committed to providing opportunities for all impacted team members and are working closely with our staff and the local communities to help manage through this transition,” the Michaels statement says.