Christmas in the Village a present to Washington County businesses

Photo by Janelle Patterson Barlow Librarian Kathy Moore adjusts a wreath made by Sandy Stevens for the Barlow Christmas in the Village Friday.

BARLOW–Prepped for the influx of shoppers for Barlow’s Christmas in the Village, both homemade crafts and delicious treats appeared on shelves and tables Friday.

“I just love all of the people that come into our village and see what we have here,” said Cindy Mallahan, owner of the Village Cakery.

On Saturday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. woodwork, candles, wreaths, stitchwork and more will be showcased at craft shows throughout the rural western half of Washington County and local businesses have their stores decorated for visitors to come in and buy everything from cookies and cakes to pottery.

“I founded this 13 years ago to encourage people to support local businesses,” explained Susie Ashley, organizer of the progressive shopping event. “And I think it’s important to support those home-based businesses too so these craft shows give them a chance to have local support as well.”

She said she’ll be sure to buy a few dozen cookies to put in the freezer for the winter season, grabbing them from the Barlow Presbyterian Church.

Meanwhile, at Barlow Library the basement event space began to take on the colors of Christmas Friday with wreaths made by Sandy Stevens. They were the first crafts up on display racks in brightly colored reds, greens, blues and creams.

“They’re so cute,” said Kathy Moore, a librarian there. “And we’ll have other crafters coming in with pine cones, paintings, woodwork… it should fill this space.”

Moore said she’s excited for the event and thankful the library has the community space to provide.

“Last year we had 2,5000 people come through the stops from Little Hocking and Cutler all the way into the village,” explained Ashley. “And our event brings in about $35,000 in one day that goes directly to the businesses and the people putting on the craft shows.”

She said attendees can even stop for a free lunch at the Lighthouse Baptist Church from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“So you can shop through the morning and then eat, or start with a meal and then shop until the craft shows close at 3 p.m. or the businesses close for regular business hours,” Ashley added. “Plus if you stay as it gets dark, we do a Christmas festival of lights at the retail shops and at the fairgrounds.”


If You Go…

* What: Christmas in the Village, a progressive shopping event

* When: Saturday

Craft shows, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.:

* St. Ambrose Church, 5080 School House Road, Porterfield

* Warren Middle School, 70 Warrior Drive, Vincent

* Barlow Library, 8370 State Route 339, Vincent

* Barlow Fire Department, Warrior Drive, Vincent

* Barlow Fairgrounds Dining Hall

* Barlow Presbyterian Church, corner of Ohio 339 and Warrior Drive

* Wesley Fire Department, Ohio 550, Bartlett

Free lunch:

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Businesses, regular business hours:

* May Clay Pottery, 627 Federal Road, Little Hocking

* Stahl’s Christmas Shop, 40 Orchard Drive, Little Hocking

* Par Mar Store, Arrow Head Road, Little Hocking

* Back to Basics Log Cabin, 233 Hamrick Lane, Little Hocking

* Dunham Square, 3876 State Route 339, Veto

* Silver Moon Diner, 7665 State Route 339, Barlow

* White Oak Pharmacy, 8465 State Route 339, Barlow

* Par Mar Store, corner of Ohio 339 and Ohio 550, Barlow

* Village Cakery, 901 Warrior Drive, Barlow

For more information visit

Source: Barlow Area Christmas in the Village