Glenville State College professor writes book of poetry

GLENVILLE — A Glenville State College associate professor of English has released a book of poetry.

“Technical Notes for Bird Government” is a collection of poems Jonathan Minton has written over the past decade.

“All of these poems had been previously published individually in various journals, so I decided to see how they would work as a book. It meant doing extensive revisions to make them fit together, and culling it all down the standard 75-page length for a single volume of poetry,” he said.

During the revisions, Minton said he noticed a recurring obsession with birds and the idea of the absurdity of controlling the world.

“So I came up with the title,” he said. “I didn’t intend to nod to Chaucer, but when someone pointed out that it was similar to ‘Parliament of Fouls,’ I wrote a poem in direct response to that.”

Several fellow writers have commented on the book.

“Testing the language of myth, the naturalist, and the historian, Jonathan Minton’s ‘Technical Notes for Bird Government’ taps into a vast, skeletal architecture underpinning ‘the hugeness of the world, and its wounded places where we vanish,” James Capozzi, author of “Country Album and Devious Sentiments,” said.

He called it a remarkable book.

“Reading it, one is in the presence of an electric, relentless intelligence,” Capozzi said.

In addition to teaching literature at Glenville State, Minton also is an adviser for the college’s literary journal, “Trillium.” His books include “Lost Languages” (Long Leaf Press) and “In Gesture” (Dyad Press).

He also edits the journal “Word For/Word” ( In 2015, he received the Faculty Award of Excellence from Glenville State.

Minton and fellow professors Fred Walborn and Marjorie Stewart will be featured at a campus event, A Celebration of Words, 4 p.m. Nov. 8 in the Robert F. Kidd Library. The event is free and open to the public.

Minton will read from “Technical Notes for Bird Government,” Walborn will read from his recent book, “Two Days at the Asylum,” and Stewart will recite poetry. Guests are invited to participate in an open stage following their readings.

For more information about Minton’s poetry book, which is available on Amazon, contact him at or call 304-462-6322.