Primary medical care office opens in Belpre

Photo by Brett Dunlap WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center’s President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Altmiller; Belpre Mayor Mike Lorentz; Dr. Marcela Rugel, WVU Medicine Camden Clark director of physician enterprise; market administrator Charlie Morgan and others cut the ribbon Wednesday morning for the opening of the WVU Medicine Primary Care-Belpre office at the Belpre Medical Center. Rugel will be the primary care physician at the office, which has the potential to eventually house four physicians once the practice is established.

BELPRE — A new primary care office affiliated with WVU Medicine Camden Clark Medical Center has opened in Belpre.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Wednesday morning at the Belpre Medical Center at the intersection of Route 7 and Farson Street at 2434 Richmiller Lane, Suite C for the WVU Medicine Primary Care-Belpre. Officials from Camden Clark, the Belpre Chamber of Commerce, Belpre city officials and local business representatives attended.

It is the medical center’s first primary care medical office in Belpre.

CCMC’s President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Altmiller thanked the Belpre community for being so welcoming to WVU Medicine.

“I did check and that bridge goes both ways,” he said. “We are WVU Medicine and we take care of folks in the entire Mid-Ohio Valley. We are glad to be a part of that. We are looking forward to expanding in Ohio.”

The practice will eventually be able to accommodate four physicians at the location.

Starting out Dr. Marcela Rugel will be the primary care physician at the office.

“We are glad to have her over here serving the folks here in Belpre and Ohio,” Altmiller said.

Rugel is a primary care physician specializing in internal medicine.

As the practice grows and sees more patients, Rugel will work with hospital officials to recruit more doctors for the practice.

“We are over here because half the population we serve is in Ohio and we feel it is important for us to provide access and great physicians to the folks in the entire Mid-Ohio Valley,” Altmiller said. “This is our first place in Ohio and we are glad to be here.”

The office has been open and seeing patients for the last couple of weeks, starting July 23.

“We are looking for further growth in Ohio to provide access and choice to the people in Ohio,” Altmiller said. “We are looking at the whole market area, where access is needed and where choice is needed and where we can provide a service that is needed.”

Belpre Area Chamber of Commerce President Karen Waller said the opening continues the trend of business growth the Belpre area has been experiencing recently in new business development and expansion of existing businesses.

“It is a great celebration for us when businesses find this as an area that will work for their business expansion,” she said.

The chamber has been growing with 236 current members.

“We have grown in the last few years and we continue to see growth as we add businesses,” Waller said.

Belpre Mayor Mike Lorentz said it was good to have WVU Medicine in Belpre.

“We have had a lot of growth in the city and a lot of it seems to be health care,” he said. “It is exciting to see this growth.”

The office will be doing family care along with some minor surgeries, Rugel said. She has been practicing in south Parkersburg at Patriot Point since 2013, serving 1,500-2,000 patients.

Rugel said she has built up good relationships with her patients and she expects the majority will follow her to the new location in Belpre.

“We have a good team,” she said. “We are close with our patients and they know we care about them.”

They are accepting new patients and most insurance is accepted.

It was important for Rugel to come to the Belpre area.

“I am a resident of this area. I live in Belpre,” she said. “I want to give everything I can to this community to keep it healthy.”

Rugel said she wants to be sure her patients are as healthy as they can be so they don’t have to have as many hospital and emergency room visits, be able to prevent major medical issues from happening in the future and cut down on overall office visits.

“I want a good quality of care for my patients,” Rugel said. “I want to be busy right now and care for the needs of my patients.”

For more information, people can call her office at 740-315-1030.