Vienna woman ready to produce Tally Jump

Photo by Marie Monecke Tori Boggs holds the Tally Jump sensor that is placed under the shoelaces to track the jumps of a person jumping rope.

VIENNA — Tori Boggs of Vienna has raised the money to produce Tally Jump.

Boggs, a world jump rope champion and record holder, designed Tally Jump to help the jump rope sport and encourage more people to get healthy and active, she said.

“I identified that in jump rope there was no way to count jumps with precision and there was no personal training tool for speed and power,” Boggs, 25, said in an email.

Boggs found a team of people, from France — a business developer, a software engineer and two industrialization specialists — to create the product.

She used Kickstarter in April and May to raise $40,000 to manufacture Tally Jump.

Photo by Thibaut Dusanter Part of the Tally Jump product that uses an app system.

Boggs describes Tally Jump (TJ) as a sensor and an app system. The sensor (placed under the shoelaces) allows people to count their jumps and track errors while practicing jog step (speed) and double unders (power); a triple under option will be added as well.

A jumper’s score is automatically displayed on his or her phone screen in real time as the person is jumping.

“You can input your session duration (30s, 180s, custom time, unlimited time, etc.) and a target goal for those times (80 jumps, 50 double unders, etc.). As you are using TJ, your phone screen will light up blue if you are ahead of your target goal pace, red if you are behind, and green if you are exactly on pace,” she said.

After a person finishes the session on the app, it displays a graph showing the jumper where the mistakes or periods above/below/on pace were in the relative time in comparison to your target goal.

“You can enable a metronome of your target score to hear while you’re jumping and have the timing track play to start you off (more for competitors). You can also use a countdown so you can press start, have 10 (or less) seconds to get set to jump, and then go. The app allows you to keep all your session scores to see your progress over time and compete with friends directly on the app if you choose,” Boggs said.

Photo by Thibaut Dusanter Tori Boggs of Vienna is a world jump rope champion and record holder who designed a device to help those who jump rope.

Boggs said her product is the first jump rope specific tracker and training tool that allows the athlete to use his or her own jump rope.

Most counters are built directly into the rope, she said. This does not allow the user to make the rope his or her own size and it alters the weight of the rope, Boggs said.

Boggs is a 2011 graduate of Parkersburg High School and received a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and pre-medicine from Ohio State University in 2017. She is now jumping rope in shows for GOP Entertainment-Group in Germany.

All of the money from the Kickstarter fundraising effort will be used to produce Tally Jump, Boggs said.

Manufacturing of Tally Jump is expected to begin in July, assembly and packaging in September, and shipping beginning in December. Tally Jump will be manufactured in the United States and France.

“There is so much potential across competitive, training, and fitness worlds (for Tally Jump); we just need to reach to all of the jump rope community and beyond,” Boggs said,

In April, Tori and her mother, Rochelle Boggs, attended the SportAccord conference in Bangkok, Thailand. They were part of an effort that got jump rope accepted by the Global Association of International Sports Federations Council as an observational sport for preparation into possible Olympic level status.

It could still take several years before jump rope moves from observation status to a sport in the Olympics, said Rochelle.

“We have to grow the sport (jump rope) in the United States,” said Rochelle, coach of Jump Company USA in Parkersburg and secretary general of the World Jump Rope Federation.

Tori used Jump Company USA as one of her test teams for the Tally Jump prototypes.

Outside of the actual jump rope, Tori said, Tally Jump is the first training tool created by and for jump rope athletes.

“Tally Jump is leading the way for the quickly budding competitive jump rope market. At the moment, competitions are scored with judges that count each jumper’s amount; however, human error is an increasing issue as athletes continue to get faster,” Tori said.

Tally Jump has been talking with the International Jump Rope Union (the international governing body for the sport) and national federations about the potential development of its product for competitive use.

Beyond the competitive jump rope market, there is the potential for Tally Jump in the health care and rehabilitation venues, Tori said.


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