South Parkersburg Kroger offers online shopping

PARKERSBURG — Kroger in South Parkersburg is now offering online ordering, the second in the area.

The ClickList service at 903 Division St. commenced Thursday, creating jobs for 15 new employees who shop for customers, assemble orders and deliver groceries to the customer’s car at curbside.

“ClickList is saving customers time and making their grocery shopping easier,” said Allison McGee, corporate affairs manager for Kroger’s Mid-Atlantic Division. “They say their typical weekly shopping takes 90 minutes or longer and using ClickList reduces the time to about 20 minutes.

Kroger instituted ClickList at the Belpre store in June 2017.

“We’ve opened more than 50 ClickList locations in the Mid-Atlantic Division and the feedback over the past three years has been terrific, especially among parents of small children, young professionals, seniors and people who are mobility impaired. Many tell us they are saving money by using ClickList,” she said. “Our customers are asking for the ability to shop when and how they want to make their lives easier,” added McGee. “Our goal is to meet our customers everywhere, every time, every day. Whether they are shopping with us in a store or online, we want it to be a simple, personalized experience that saves them time and money.”

More than 40,000 items available in the store are available through ClickList, including meat and produce. West Virginia law prohibits the sale of adult beverages, tobacco products and pharmacy prescriptions and hot foods and gift cards are excluded.

Kroger is waiving a $4.95 service charge for each customer’s first three orders. No minimum purchase is required.

ClickList is divided into three steps:

* Customers place their order at and select a time to pick it up at the store the same day. Kroger requires a minimum of four hours’ notice. Customers may order up to three days in advance and pay online when ordering.

* A Kroger associate shops the store to fulfill the order. If an ordered item is not available, the selector will choose a substitute. If an item is not available in the size ordered, the selector will choose another size. Any changes will be wrapped separately, and the customer may decline the substituted item. If the item costs more than the customer’s selection, the customer will receive the lower price. The customer’s order is stored in a temperature-controlled room. Coupons electronically linked to a customer’s Kroger Plus Card are automatically redeemed to reduce the cost of the order. Paper coupons will be deducted at the time of pick-up.

* Associates deliver the groceries to the customer at a designated parking space near the store.

The Division Street Kroger is the 55th ClickList location in the Mid-Atlantic Division, which includes Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. Across the country, Kroger has opened more than 1,000 ClickList locations since November 2014.

The Mid-Atlantic Division operates 121 stores, 119 pharmacies and 95 fuel centers in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. The region is headquartered in Roanoke, Va.