Award-winning photographer opens portrait studio in St. Marys

Photo Provided Becky Nichols stands in her new studio in St. Marys.

ST. MARYS — Award-winning photographer Becky Nichols has opened the new Becky Nichols Portrait Studio in St. Marys.

Nichols is best known for magazine-style portraiture. In March, she received a bronze award in the teen-senior division of the Portrait Masters photography competition, which received 6,583 entries.

Nichols’ goal with her photography in-studio and on-location photography is to “ignite the fire in the souls of her subjects.” She attempts to inspire her clients to reveal their inner beauty.

“It’s my job to truly see you, to take you to that place within yourself, and to capture that energy for you,” she said.

Nichols said she loves working with women, because “we are always left out of the photographs, and most photographs we find of ourselves aren’t ones we love.” Nichols was inspired when she couldn’t find any photographs of herself in her home other than a family portrait.

“I guess I’m on a mission to change the way women see themselves, to exist in portraits, and to feel valued and beautiful,” she said.

A place where Nichols really sees her mission come to life is during high school portrait season. Many girls walk in, nervous from the stress of this photograph.

She coaches them through hair and make-up, mentoring them to bring their best self forward. By the time they step in front of her camera, they have relaxed and let their walls down, bringing smiles that brighten their already beautiful faces, she said.

“I see them in awe, quiet, smiling and in love with every portrait. Every girl deserves to have that experience,” she said.

Nichols starts each shoot with a wardrobe consultation and styling designed to create a personal experience for her clients. She works with hair and makeup artists

Nichols and her husband Jeff converted half of their garage into a studio. Clients take a 2-mile drive into the country to the studio located just out of town.

Nichols training includes classes on photography and editing. Nichols has studied under renowned photographer Sue Bryce, whose portraiture style has inspired her.

Nichols’ website is at and the phone number is 304-684-3281.