Business registrations increase in West Virginia

PARKERSBURG — Business registrations in 2017 in West Virginia increased about 11 percent over the previous year, the West Virginia Secretary of State said on Wednesday.

The increase of 10.87 percent compares to 12.10 percent in 2016 over 2015, Secretary of State Mac Warner said.

According to data from the Business Statistics Database, 8,318 new businesses registered with the Secretary of State’s office in 2017.

For 2017, Lincoln, Jefferson and Wayne counties led the state in business growth, Warner said. Lincoln County saw 14.41 percent growth, Jefferson County’s business growth was 14.09 percent and Wayne County recorded a13.6 percent business growth over the last 12 months.

For December, three counties saw the most percentage growth in business registrations, according to the Business and Licensing Division, Warner said.

The top three counties for business growth in December were Wirt County with 1.53 percent growth, Lewis County with 1.30 percent growth and Hancock County with 1.20 percent growth.

The number of business entities grew in Wirt County from 129 to 131, business entities in Lewis County increased from 685 to 692 and the number of entities licensed to do business in Hancock County increased from 988 to 999.

Statewide, 510 new businesses were incorporated or started in December, Warner said. December growth in Wood and surrounding counties was: Calhoun, 1.16 percent; Doddridge, 0.81 percent; Jackson, 0.79 percent; Gilmer, 0.76 percent; Ritchie, 0.42 percent; Roane, 0.41 percent; Tyler, 0.40 percent; Wood, 0.34 percent; Pleasants, 0.00 percent.