WV DEP: Records submitted do not satisfy compliance order for IEI

Twisted and scorched metal sits among the ruins of the former Ames Plant Friday morning as mostly clear skies marked the end of the week since the disaster. (Photo by Jeff Baughan)

PARKERSBURG — Documents provided by the owners of IEI Plastics to the state were not sufficent enough to meet what was asked for in the state’s Order for Compliance.

In an update provided by the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, IEI provided documents Sunday and again on Monday in response to the Order for Compliance.

The update said the owners were in town on Monday to present the documents. Monday’s records were submitted during an in-person meeting between the local, county and state officials involved in the response and the principal owner of IEI and his representatives.

WV DEP has concluded that these records do not sufficiently satisfy the Order for Compliance, and specifically its directive requiring detailed inventory of all materials that were burned at the site.

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