West Virginia University at Parkersburg offers in-state tuition to Ohio residents

PARKERSBURG — West Virginia University at Parkersburg will offer all Ohio residents in-state tuition rates regardless of their program of study or location effective starting with the Fall 2017 semester on Aug. 14.

The new rates will reduce tuition costs for all Ohio students pursuing a degree by nearly 40 percent.

“We want our programs to be affordable and accessible to our communities on both sides of the river,” said Anthony Underwood, vice president of student services. “Based on specific reciprocity agreements we’ve had with the state of Ohio, we’ve been able to offer in-state tuition for some of our programs, but we are now able to provide these rates to all Ohio residents regardless of what they study or how long they choose to attend WVU-P.”

WVU-Parkersburg offers the lowest bachelor’s degree tuition rate in West Virginia and is ranked among the top 50 most affordable four-year colleges in the nation according to the U.S. Department of Education. Additionally, 40 percent of all WVU-P two-year program graduates continue at WVU-P with a four-year program.

All Ohio students who were enrolled in fall classes before the new tuition rates were announced will automatically receive the new rate. Students can verify their tuition payments, which were due Friday, by checking their student account online by OLSIS or by calling the Center for Student Services at (304) 424-8310.

Earlier in April, the WVU-Parkersburg Board of Governors approved in-state tuition rates for all online-only degree programs regardless of the student’s geographic location. These programs include the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science, Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Supervisory Management and Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Child Development.

Students may continue to enroll for full term until Aug. 13.