The Hyve opens in Vienna

Photo by Jeff Baughan Emyli Thrash, left, and Brenna Smith stand in the front lobby area of The Hyve in Vienna.

VIENNA — Gary Berger has businesses in Marietta and Belpre.

For the last six months, he’s had one in Vienna — The Hyve. Berger lives in Chicago.

“I was driving through in conjunction with a business in Athens and drove by and saw it,” he said. “I wanted a community which was underserved. I wanted to go where others wouldn’t go and hire people with multiple jobs and pay them a liveable wage, not a minimum wage. I want to allow them to leave one of those jobs. I march to a different tune. I’m putting people in front of business profit. I’m 70 and a bit of father figure. I want to work with people who aren’t used having things handed to them.”

There’s a reason why the business is called The Hyve. “The bee hive is one of the perfect plans from nature,” Berger said. “The people I hire, I don’t want leaving. I’m a job creator. I’ll pay them before myself.”

Sara Rosenbaum is a managing partner at The Hyve while Brenna Smith serves as the spray tan artist as well as beauty specialist. The Hyve is located at 1003 Grand Central Ave.

Photo by Jeff Baughan The Hyve is located at 1003 Grand Central Ave. in Vienna.

“Right now we are focusing on the airbrush tanning, makeup application and retail aspect,” she said.

The retail aspect Rosenbaum refers to are products to be used with the spray tan, jewelry and bath products.

Berger said the area is “going to serve as an incubator for me in the area. I want three different professionals. If different processes succeed, we have the concept to expand. Then I need to find a facility about five times larger.”

Rosenbaum added “We are hopeful to soon add a hair dresser and other beauty specialists who will be independent contractors. These will be people who are established, but just need a good place to work from.”

The Hyve is taking aim at one specific target.

Photo by Jeff Baughan Makeup is an emphasis among the products at The Hyve.

“We’re catering to women of all ages,” said Rosenbaum. “I want women to have a comfortable environment where everyone can feel welcome. I want a spot where teen girls can gather and be able to relax and enjoy themselves. “

The spray tan has produced a steady stream of people through The Hyve’s doors.

“Brenna does an absolutely fabulous job with the spray tan and her makeup abilities,” said Rosenbaum. “I mean she knows everybody. How can you not feel comfortable and welcomed around Brenna?”

Rosenbaum said spraytan appointments can be made for anytime during the Hyve’s business hours of 9:30-5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday or through the website or by calling 304-916-7581.

“The spray tan times are a bit flexible to fit with people’s schedules,” said Rosenaum. “They just need to check with an appointment request.”

Photo by Jeff Baughan The difference in the tanned skin is shown after one application of a spray tan at The Hyve.

“I look at West Virginia and the Mid-Ohio Valley and I look at social problems and I look to see what I can do,” said Berger. “I’m going to change things.”

“I’m training them to see the world differently,” he said. “I’m a social environmentalist. I am going to benefit community and individuals. If it benefits them, it benefits me. I’m very confident The Hyve will work.”