Conley Fabrication rolls out specialty trailer

Photo Provided Conley Fabrication in Mineral Wells announced this week completion of the first specialty trailer in a new agreement between Conley and JAG Mobile Solutions Inc. of Howe, Ind. The new product line created eight jobs for the business, and officials plan to hire more workers soon.

MINERAL WELLS — The first specialty trailer in a new line for Conley Fabrication has been completed.

The company announced the trailer earlier this week. The product is part of an agreement between Conley Fabrication LLC and JAG Mobile Solutions Inc. of Howe, Ind., to cooperatively build specialty trailers.

Conley Fabrication owner Roger Conley said officials entered the agreement in early spring.

“Since that announcement, Conley Fabrication has hired eight new employees. These employees have undergone six weeks of extensive training at the Howe, Ind., location. We are now in full production here in Mineral Wells.”

Conley said he and Bill Gibson, owner of JAG Mobile Solutions, are very happy with the quality of the new crew.

“They sacrificed a lot during their training period, spending time away from their families, and working long hours,” Conley said.

The first Mineral Wells-based unit was completed this week, a highly complex Mobile Restroom Trailer designed to fully comply with all ADA (Americans with Disability Act) requirements.

“This unit has a fully functional ADA unit as well as a standard men’s and women’s unit,” Conley said.

The first unit is just one of many designs to be offered, including shower units, kitchens, laundries, bunkhouses, locker rooms and more.

“We have begun to field calls from the oil and gas industry asking about units such as offices, command centers, etc.,” Conley said. “Units are equipped with HVAC (heating and air conditioning), crown molding, chair rails, Corian counter tops, radios, lighted mirrors and more.”

Conley Fabrication is a dump body and dump trailer manufacturer for the transportation industry and will continue to be active in that market and the oil and gas industry.

But Conley said officials expect the new trailers will be “a significant portion of our business in the future. We plan to immediately hire more employees and begin the next phase of training. This is certainly a very exciting time at Conley Fabrication.”