Seasonal businesses return to Mid-Ohio Valley

Photo by Janelle Patterson Jeff and Kristina Neader take and fill orders at Cone-N-Shake in Marietta.

MARIETTA — Spring not only brings new life and warmth, but also a refreshing addition of seasonal business to the area.

Huck and Son’s Farm Market, Hensler’s Town and Country Market and Lane’s Farm Market, all in Marietta, are open and ready for spring, along with Witten Farm.

Julie Witten is co-owner of Witten Farm. The farm’s first market to open for the season was at its Marietta location Wednesday on Pike Street next to Cone-N-Shake.

“Our tomatoes and peppers are ready as are the pansies, violas, herbs and 10 new petunia colors including Night Sky and Bubblegum petunias,” said Witten. “We love selling the plants that thrive in this area and people can start getting their hanging baskets and container gardens ready now with new additions like Prince Tut grass, blood orange nemesia, salvias and begonias.”

Restaurants, seasonal museums and tours are also gearing up for the warm weather alongside businesses geared toward cooling one down.

Owners of Cone-N-Shake, Jeff and Kristina Neader, said they are excited for the warm weather to stay.

“We opened March 1 and on the warm days we’ve done well, but we hope those cold ones are done,” said Jeff Neader. “People have already turned out on the warm days. They must have missed us through the winter.”

New to the menu at Cone-N-Shake are morsels like fried green tomatoes and boneless chicken wings.

“And then of course the favorites like the milkshakes and fried okra,” Neader added. “We’re excited for the farm stand to open too because people will stop here for ice cream or lunch and then shop there, or vice versa.”

Those in the area are invited to chill out on tax day next week with Kona Ice making an appearance in Parkersburg at Bicentennial Park and on the Armory lawn in Marietta.

“April 18 is typically a stressful day for people,” said local Kona Ice franchise owner John Church, of Barlow. “But we firmly believe that there should be no taxation without relaxation so we’ll be giving away free Kona Ice both in Parkersburg and in Marietta to help people chill.”

The Kona Ice Kiosk will then open up for the season May 1 at the corner of Front and Greene streets in Marietta.

“We did several indoor events and fundraisers and tournaments throughout the winter, but it’s a whole different dynamic outside,” said Church.