West Virginia University at Parkersburg’s Sandra Kolankiewicz publishes book

Book set to be released on March 3

Photos Provided The cover of “Lost in Translation,” Sandra Kolankiewicz’s latest chapbook of poems to be published by Finishing Line Press.

PARKERSBURG — An associate professor at West Virginia University at Parkersburg will soon release her latest chapbook.

“Lost in Translation” by Sandra Kolankiewicz, an associate professor of English, is her fourth book and is being published by Finishing Line Press.

Kolankiewicz describes herself as a writer of the dangers of domesticity and “Lost in Transition” explores themes associated with challenges faced over a life span, including love, parenthood, addiction, mental illness, unemployment and the courage to hold on.

Her advice for aspiring writers is aspiring.

“Mostly what you have to do is practice, like you would for any skill, whether it’s writing a poem or sinking a three pointer,” Kolankiewicz said. “Also, don’t be afraid of rejection or take it personally. Furthermore, many people have stories to tell and they should celebrate those storing by sharing them with others. If you are moved to write about something, that energy will show in your work.”

“Lost in Transition” is in pre-order status and is set for release on March 3. It is $14.99 from the publisher at finishinglinepress.com/product/lost-in-transition-by-sandra-kolankiewicz/.

More than 300 of Kolankiewicz’s poems and stories have appeared in magazines and literary reviews over the past 35 years including most recently  “New World Writing,” “BlazeVox,” “Gargoyle,” “Prairie Schooner,” “Fifth Wednesday,” “ArGiLo,” “Prick of the Spindle,” “Per Contra” and “Pif.”

Her first published book, “Turning Inside Out,” won the Black Lawrence Press Black River Competition. Her novel “Blue Eyes Don’t Cry,” won the Hackney Award.

Kolankiewicz is available for readings, to speak with writing groups and discuss tips with aspiring writers. She can be reached at Sandra.Kolankiewicz@gmail.com.