Local zombie movie opening in Athens

PARKERSBURG – A zombie movie filmed last year in Parkersburg will debut in October at an Athens theater.

“ReZistance” by Black T Productions LLC will premiere 7 p.m. Oct. 18 at the Athena Cinema at 20 S. Court St., Athens.

“I am so very excited about completing this film,” said co-writer and co-director Mark Colombo. “There were times that I thought it may never be complete.”

The story follows siblings Luke and Greta who were raised in the hills of West Virginia. The two are pulled in opposite directions, Luke a retired police officer dedicating his life to serving his community while Greta fell victim to the pull of the darkness from the woods.

That darkness overcomes Parkersburg and zombies overrun the area where Luke and other survivors fight for their lives. They have to strike at the source of the outbreak, which forces Luke to find his sister who may hold the key to the end of the zombie outbreak.

The excitement is building, he said.

“I am so excited to be getting all of the people who have worked so hard for the last year, back together to watch it together. My friend, who is also the scriptwriter, Renee Lear, will be flying in from out of town with her family and friends to be at the premiere.”

The film was put together by eConic Films based in Parkersburg. Local actors are in the cast.

“The experience has been amazing,” Colombo said. “We have made many new friends and we have learned so much along the way.”

Colombo is hoping to continue working with his friends at Rag N Bone Productions and their associates, who they collaborated with on this film, on future projects as well. They have been considering ideas for an upcoming collaborative project.

“The best part so far has been all of the great people that we have worked with, but I would say that the best is yet to come,” Colombo said. “I think that the premiere will be great fun and the upcoming projects will help bring great things to the local area, including a name for great indie film production.”

Colombo’s wife, Jaime, has taken interest in the writing and directing aspect of making movies and the couple will be making more films in the near future.

“We have several ideas that we are currently working on including an action film, a documentary and a drama,” he said. “We hope to work on these between 2014 and 2015 and release in 2015.”

The couple is working on a short film submission for HBO’s Project Greenlight contest and plans to screen the three-minute film at the “ReZistance” premiere.

Throughout the making of “ReZistance,” Colombo said the lack of money was always a huge hurdle to overcome.

“We completed ‘ReZistance’ on a ridiculously small budget,” he said. “I cannot believe what we were able to do with such a low budget. I hope that on future projects we are able to raise funds to show people what we can do with even a medium budget.”

Colombo said the horror genre was not his first choice to make a movie in, but many directors got their start there and it provides many opportunities.

“I did learn a lot about shot composition, set directing, time management and many other important things,” he said. “Also, as the sole editor of the film, I learned a lot about what shots will be needed in post and about all the little details that you may overlook otherwise.”

This premiere is open to the public, however, available limited seats and are nearly sold out. Tickets are $8.50 each and can be purchased by contacting Mark Colombo via the Black T Productions facebook page at www.facebook.com/blacktproductions.

Colombo said he is trying to set up an all ages after party to celebrate the film’s premiere, however that has not yet been set up. He is also considering having a second showing at 9 p.m. if the first one sells out soon.