FlikNote app created by MOV natives

PARKERSBURG – A couple of Mid-Ohio Valley natives have come up with a new phone app that recreates the lost art of passing notes.

The app is called FlikNote, and it is a messaging app for iPhone. It was developed by Ken Cobb, founder and CEO of FlikNote Inc., and Judah Longgrear, co-founder and COO, who are from the Parkersburg area and both attended West Virginia University.

”Our goal was to recreate the lost art of passing notes in school,” Cobb said. ”FlikNote is much different than other messaging apps available.

”Users can take up to four photos to create a mini collage, being able to move, rotate, and scale photos around within the note. Users can also do some text with color, including website links. Lastly, users can also doodle anywhere within the note, which always appears over the photos, but underneath the text, creating a cool highlighting effect. A really cool feature is that all received doodles draw themselves out exactly like the sender drew them, which is very fun and entertaining.”

The two came up with the idea for their product because they wanted to recreate the high school and college experience of passing notes to classmates.

”Passing notes basically died when cell phones became popular, so our goal was to reinvent it and make it the most fun and unique messaging app possible,” Cobb said.

Developing the app has taken a lot of work as well as setting up to corporation.

”We take our branding and corporate image very seriously; establishing a corporate structure and filing for trademarks was the first thing to occur in Summer of 2013, before development started in December 2013,” Cobb said. ”We believe FlikNote is a simple, fun, and quirky name that people will remember.

”You can launch without trademarks, however it shows that your company really takes things seriously and that it has a powerful brand/corporate image behind it when you do have them.”

Development started in December of 2013, and they launched July 27, 2014.

”I coded the app,” Cobb said. ”Judah and myself bounce ideas back and forth and I’ll code several test versions until we either nix an idea or say it’s a must have feature and then I’ll proceed to bring it to production quality.

”Rapid prototyping is extremely important because you don’t want to spend several weeks on an idea you will ultimately nix.”

Cobb is still based locally while Longgrear is in the Pittsburgh, Pa., area.

Longgrear is pleased with where they are at with the app and how it is being received.

”I feel we’ve truly been able to recreate passing notes in class, which was the always our number one goal,” he said. ”I believe it’ll be extremely popular with users due the customization that FlikNote offers.

”No other app currently supports a way to be so creative, quirky and personal at the same time. Once users get familiar with app and realize the app isn’t just another messaging clone app, we always receive very exciting feedback. I think we have one of the most exciting ways to communicate with friends, family and loved ones.”

The two are planning further developments for the app, continually evolving it, improving it and bringing it to as many platforms as possible.

”I can’t comment on specific features for the time being, but our plan is to change and innovate the entire industry in areas that will give a lot of value to users,” Cobb said.

People can get FlikNote for Free on the App Store at the following link:

The app is designed for people to “pass” notes to their friends and family.

”Passed notes are very fun and entertaining, as notes with doodles in them draw themselves out exactly like the sender drew them, which makes it more fun and personal, almost like the person is there in front of you,” Cobb said. ”All notes are private and encrypted, and can only be opened one time.

”FlikNote is the most fun and simple way to share your thoughts with friends and family.”