Downtown PKB plans outreach event

PARKERSBURG – Downtown PKB will be conducting a Business Outreach Day on Thursday.

Volunteers will be canvassing businesses in downtown Parkersburg as an effort to collect information to compile data into a database. The database will be used to better communicate and inform local businesses of events and areas of opportunities that could impact or benefit their business, a press release states.

Downtown PKB is a participant of the West Virginia ON TRAC (Organization, Training, Revitalization and Capacity) program, which offers assistance to West Virginia communities in their efforts to boost economic and community growth.

The goals of the program are to evaluate, educate and assist communities in these efforts and to prepare them for more advanced technical services through the Main Street program.

Downtown PKB is passionate about bringing events to downtown Parkersburg to bring crowds and build interest into the downtown Parkersburg business district, the organization said. Downtown PKB aims to revitalize the downtown district while providing assistance with promotions and growth to businesses currently downtown.

Carrie Nesselrode, director of Downtown PKB, said, “It is extremely important to us to not only have the events and activities but to form this database so we can better communicate with the businesses downtown. They need to know of opportunities that can be of benefit to their business. We want to help them grow and to foster a business environment that others will want to be a part of.”

Downtown PKB is a community-driven revitalization program designed to promote the historic and economic redevelopment of downtown Parkersburg. For more information about Downtown PKB, visit the website at or call 304-865-0522.