Businesses partner with WSCC courses

MARIETTA – The Business Management classes at Washington State Community College over the course of the past year have worked with seven local businesses and Pamela Lankford at the Small Business Development Office to develop and create marketing plans.

The class started the partnership last fall in the advertising class at the college. The students began with three businesses and developed multiple advertisements for them.

“It’s easy to create an advertisement but to understand the market you’re trying to capture, create a memorable piece and be respectful of a budget can be difficult,” said Elizabeth Tokodi-Ruth, assistant professor, business management at the college.

Groups worked throughout the semester on the project and as a part of the final exam they had to present their plan and justify why the advertisements would be effective, she said. The students also provided the businesses with a digital copy of the advertisement so the students could modify it for various seasons or sales, she said.

“Sometimes just having something to start with can be the difference in the success of that business,” Tokodi-Ruth said.

In the spring, the marketing class partnered with three businesses and helped developed marketing plans with multiple advertisements. Students had to spend several hours outside of the classroom meeting with their businesses to develop these complex plans.

A student is partnering with another business this summer to build a social media presence, streamline inventory tracking, sales tracking and general marketing. Tokodi-Ruth said the advertising will continue the partnership with Lankford in the fall semester.

“This has been a great experience for our students; could there be a better way to learn?” Tokodi-Ruth said.