Antique store opens alongside restaurant

MARIETTA – Antique enthusiasts have a new place to hunt for collectibles at a new store open alongside a popular West Side restaurant.

Whispers from the Past is inside the same building as the Busy Bee and under the same ownership. It opened two weeks ago.

Restaurant owner Donna English opened the store after she realized the back room of the Busy Bee restaurant needed a facelift and had the potential to cater to the antiquing.

“We have everything antique, from jars to record players,” English said. “We’ve been going to auctions and buying whole boxes of things and going through and finding all the treasures to sell.”

The space can be found at the parking lot of the Busy Bee, 226 Gilman Ave., and is open every day.

“It was just a matter of fixing up the space, because it was just an old room that had been burnt in a fire and no one had ever done anything with it,” English said.

She and partner Ronnie Davis went to work remodeling the small room, where English is also renting out four, 2-by-4 foot booths for other retailers to sell items from.

Three spaces are available, but for now, Sammi Joe’s Candles, based out of Putnam Commons, is renting one of the spaces to display a sampling of its retail items.

Davis tore down the old ceiling and replaced the lighting and most of the interior architecture.

“I’m really interested in old tools, which we have here, and people have already come in to ask about where things have come from,” Davis said.

Some items came from storage in the restaurant’s attic, with everything from dolls to an old fashioned scale.

“It’s a good mixture of old and new, because we also have people that will hand make things to sell,” Davis said.

English said she does not know what the future holds.

“I would love to have to move it to a bigger building in the future,” she said. “We have such a small room, so we can’t really have furniture, which a lot of people like, so we’re hoping to expand it.”

English said the opportunity was simply a combination of her love for attending auctions and finding fun items and the empty space that she already had available at Busy Bee.

Whispers from the Past is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.