Pickering Associates wins design award

PARKERSBURG – Pickering Associates team won the Structural Ingenuity Award at the 2014 Canstruction design and build challenge in Charleston.

The company will enter the “Racing Hunger” structure into the international Canstruction competition.

The Pickering Associates design and theme centered on DreamWorks’ major motion picture “Turbo.” Weighing more than 2 tons, Turbo used 5,085 canned goods.

More than 1,000 cans of pasta gave Turbo a sleek, aerodynamic body. The snail’s spoiler was made of 468 cans of beans and chili.

To show its dedication to the race against hunger, the Pickering Associates team constructed a checkered flag, that when viewed from the back displayed a gold trophy.

“We’re so fortunate to be able to participate in Canstruction,” said Erin Iafelice-McCullough, sales and marketing director at Pickering Associates.

“We have two groups to thank for this. The first group is our amazing sponsors. They’re the financial backbone of the team and helped make Turbo come to life. The second group we have to thank our leadership. The leadership at Pickering Associates is unlike any other and they are the heart of the Turbo Canstruction Team,” Iafelice-McCullough said.

Canstruction is a national nonprofit organization which hosts competitions, exhibitions and events showcasing large structures made entirely of full cans of food for the public to view and vote on.

At the end of the viewing, all the food is donated to local food banks. The 2014 Canstruction event in Charleston was hosted by AIA West Virginia and The Covenant House.

While contest rules stated all food used in the competition would be donated to The Covenant House in Charleston, Pickering Associates of Parkersburg will bring half of its food items home and donate them to food banks in the Parkersburg and Marietta area.

Established in 1988, Pickering Associates was founded as an engineering firm that has developed into an integrated architecture, engineering and surveying company providing services to education, government, health care, industrial, oil and gas and private sector clients.