501 Grand Central Ave. gets facelift

VIENNA – The old Scratch and Dent Appliances location on Grand Central Avenue is being deconstructed and reconstructed for two new businesses, officials said.

The project at 501 Grand Central Ave. that has caught the attention of residents is being completed for two national chains to move to the Mid-Ohio Valley, said Ken Knuckles, vice president of the Development Management Group in Nashville, Tenn.

Mattress Firm, a mattress dealer with more than 700 locations in 23 states, and Aspen Dental, a national dental program with more than 420 locations nationwide, will be the tenants of the newly redesigned building, said Knuckles.

First it has to be rebuilt to suit their needs.

The previous tenant, Scratch and Dent Appliances, left the building in good condition, said Knuckles.

However, the storefront and interior were more suited as a warehouse than to serving the needs of the new tenants, he said.

The deconstruction of the building began in November, when the interior was removed and the building reduced to a shell, Knuckles said. Throughout December, when the weather permitted, crews removed the exterior brick of the building while leaving the “skeleton” intact, Knuckles said.

“We are not tearing the building down,” Knuckles said. “The original building was pretty bland, too bland for the new tenants. All we are doing is giving it an extreme facelift,” he said.

If everything stays on track, Development Management Group will complete the construction on May 1. At that point, the new tenants will be free to move in and open their businesses according to their own schedules, he said.

The 12,300-square-foot building did not meet the aesthetic or physical requirements of the two new tenants, Knuckles said. It was also set up as a single-tenant space, which was problematic since there are going to be two tenants in the future, he said.

CMT Parkersburg LLC, the owner and developer of the building, based in Cincinnati, hired Development Management Group to clean up the aesthetic appearance of the building, divide it into two spaces, and meet the architectural demands of the new clients on the interior and exterior of the building, Knuckles said.

The building will be reduced in size by 2,000 square feet, Knuckles said. This area will be converted into additional parking for the structure.

The lot does not connect to the Grand Central Mall lot it is adjacent to, and no plans are made for such an addition, Knuckles said. The parking area will be shared with the adjacent business, Skier’s Edge Sport Shop, and still connect to Grand Central Avenue as the previous parking lot did, he said.

The interior of the building will be split into two sections, Knuckles said. Two-thirds of the remaining 10,300 square feet will be home to Mattress Firm, while the other one-third of the structure will house Aspen Dental.

The inside of the building will be custom-designed for its future tenants, he said.

The exterior of the building will receive completely new framing, with stonework near the base and new brick along the rest of the exterior, Knuckles said.

“It will look completely different when we are finished with it,” Knuckles said.

Part of the new design will include modern aesthetic elements that are seen in many strip malls, including overhanging areas for signs to be installed on and varying heights to create visually pleasing elements along the building, Knuckles said.

The winter season has slowed the deconstruction and reconstruction process significantly, said Knuckles. When the weather warms up, the new brick will be laid in place, as well as the arches and other storefront elements that are planned, he said.