Star of India offers indoor seating

MARIETTA – If the corner of Fourth and Greene streets has looked a little empty lately, it may be because the Star of India food truck has moved from its previous location – the lot next to the former Salvation Army Thrift Store.

But loyal fans of the authentic, fresh cooked Indian cuisine need not worry. Not only is the food truck alive and well in Marietta, it is now offering an indoor dining option at 123 Greene St.

“Here people can come in, give an order to the truck, and have an inside area to eat it,” said food truck owner Avtar Singh.

The food is still prepared fresh on the colorful food truck, which is parked next to a side door at the restaurant. Customers can still approach the truck from outside to order food or they can enter the dining room, order at the truck, and take their food inside to a dining area that seats around 40.

Singh said he is hoping the move will help make the business accessible to even more customers, especially families with children that need a place to sit and relax while they eat.

Since first moving the truck to Marietta around September 2012, the food has attracted a wide variety of people-both long-time fanatics of the Indian fare and the curious folks who had never tried it, said Singh.

Belpre resident Phil Hartinger, 47, who was ordering from the truck recently, is the latter.

“I’ve never had Indian food,” said Hartinger as he browsed the lunch menu-which includes chicken, lamb, curry, rice, vegetarian options, and more.

Hartinger, who works nearby, said he saw the truck and decided to give it a try.

Giving diners the opportunity to try a new cultural cuisine has been a driving passion for Singh and his family, who also run a Star of India restaurant in Athens and operated a restaurant in Parkersburg until 2011.

The dining area adjacent to the truck opened on Dec. 9 and so far customers have slowly been taking notice.

Marietta resident John Whistler, and his wife Barb Stewart, have been longtime fans of the food truck and have enjoyed having an indoor option.

“We love their food…It’s such a delight to get quality Indian food in Marietta. The owners are lovely people working as hard as they can,” said Whistler, 61.

Though the indoor option is ideal for winter, Singh plans on keeping it open year round. And if demand is great enough, he could expand the new location to include an indoor kitchen and buffet.

“It’s all about what the customers want,” he said.

The truck and adjacent dining area are open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Customers can also call in orders for carry-out by calling 304-580-6600 or 304-615-4983.