MarkWest to expand at Sherwood facility

WEST UNION -MarkWest Energy Partners’ Sherwood plant in Doddridge County will soon be equipped to process a billion cubic feet of gas a day.

The company issued a news release announcing the construction of a fifth processing facility at its Sherwood complex.

The processing facility will be equipped to handle 200 million cubic feet per day and is expected to begin operations in the third quarter of 2014. Once completed, the new plant will allow the Sherwood complex to handle 1 billion cubic feet per day of total processing capacity.

“We are delighted to further expand our strong relationship with Antero and develop additional processing capacity at the Sherwood complex to support their highly successful drilling program,” said Frank Semple, chairman, president and CEO of MarkWest. “The ability to offer producers fully integrated midstream services throughout northern West Virginia and southwest Pennsylvania is critical to unlocking the abundant rich-gas reserves of the Marcellus Shale. MarkWest is committed to providing Antero and its other customers with unique solutions that are backed by our best-in-class customer service.”

The Sherwood complex consists of two plants with 400 MMcf/d of capacity and is operating near-full utilization. By the end of this year, MarkWest will bring online a third 200 MMcf/d plant at the complex and is quickly moving forward with the construction of a fourth plant by the second quarter of 2014.

Last year MarkWest Energy Partners announced a long-term, fee-based agreement with Antero Resources for the development of an additional cryogenic gas processing plant at the Partnership’s Sherwood complex in Doddridge County, West Virginia.

Antero is a leading Marcellus Shale producer with 312,000 net acres in the southwestern core of the shale play. It has offices in Bridgeport, Ellenboro and Marietta.

Alvin Schopp, regional vice president of Appalachia for Antero Resources, said the company has 15 rigs operating in Harrison, Ritchie and Doddridge counties. Antero has about 70 employees and approximately 3,500 full-time contractors. About 75 percent of those employees are local, Schopp said.

“We are continuing to look for quality employees,” he said.