Parkersburg, Marietta women win mattresses

PARKERSBURG – The latest winners in the Mattress Warehouse’s 30-week mattress giveaway are from Parkersburg and Marietta.

The Week 17 winner, Janie Dawson of Parkersburg, took home a Stearns and Foster queen mattress, while week 18 winner, Theresa Clift of Marietta, will be sleeping on a new queen-size Tempur-Pedic.

To celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, Mattress Warehouse is giving away a queen-sized mattress set every week for 30 weeks. The celebration began in April and concludes the week of Nov. 19. Winners are selected by random drawing each week from among fans who have registered on Mattress Warehouse’s Facebook page.

Dawson now has two new mattresses thanks to her “liking” Mattress Warehouse’s Facebook page. Two weeks before she won her new mattress, Dawson went to Mattress Warehouse and bought one to replace her old bed.

“My mattress was 12years-old,” she said. “It was very uncomfortable, and we had problems sleeping and would wake up stiff and sore. My husband and I decided we were going to buy a new one, and we went to Mattress Warehouse and found one we loved.”

So pleased was she with her newly purchased Sealy Posturepedic, she decided to “like” the Mattress Warehouse Facebook page. While there, she saw a message for the company’s 30th anniversary “Sleep Stakes” mattress giveaway and entered.

“Two weeks later I received the email stating that I had won. I called my husband and let him know. We were both excited. We now sleep on the mattress we won and put the one we purchased in our guest bedroom. Both mattresses are amazing, and we wake up with no more aches and pains. We love both of them,” she said.

Clift said she’s, “tickled pink.”

“I’ve been entering since it (the mattress giveaway) began, and, while I would’ve been happy winning any of the mattresses, I really wanted the Tempur-Pedic and that’s the one I won,” she said.

Clift says she awakens every night in pain. About a year ago, she and her husband bought a “no-name” memory foam mattress. While it didn’t relieve all her pain, she says it gave her hope that the memory foam technology could help her sleep better and more pain-free.

“I’d read great reviews on the Tempur-Pedic,” she said. Now she owns one, although she and her husband had not taken possession of the bed as of this writing.

In addition to the Stearns and Foster and Tempur-Pedic mattresses, prizes include mattress sets from Sealy, the new Octaspring memory foam line, and Mattress Warehouse’s own uDream line of Kim Knopf-designed innerspring and gel foam mattresses.