Frozen treats serve as local fundraiser

Tiger Touchdown Club returns for

its third season


Special to The News and Sentinel

MARIETTA – Now add rum raisin and raspberry to the mix.

This past weekend, the Marietta Tiger Touchdown Club launched its third year of operation of the ice cream stand that has been on the levee at Front and Greene streets for years.

Volunteer parents and Marietta high school and middle school football players serve up the hand-dipped ice cream, several ice cream treats such as shakes, cones and cups as well as soft drinks.

The now-open ice cream business was a blessing for Williamstown resident Holly Cornell, who wanted some of her favorite ice cream – chocolate.

She and a few other ice cream fans close to her visited the Kreamy Kreations trailer Tuesday evening to indulge their cravings. She said they usually go to a stand in Williamstown, but it’s not open yet. She said the group likes to come to the levee because they like to sit by the river.

“It’s nice to have a way they can make money they can count on,” Cornell said of the boosters’ fundraising effort. “It teaches them how to have a job and be responsible.”

Marietta High School Head Football Coach Adam Eichorn said the money raised at Kreamy Kreations is used to buy equipment and to pay for post and pre-game meals to make sure the athletes are fed properly during the season. In 2012, the team was able to make improvements to its weight room and to buy an end zone camera.

A search of the Internet indicated some of the cameras sell for about $4,500.

Liz Ford, organizer of the Kreamy Kreations project, said no figures of how much money was raised during the first two seasons were available. She said the students learn the importance of giving back to the community, socialization and employment skills at the ice cream stand.

Marietta High School junior Quinton Coffield, 17, has worked at Kreamy Kreations since the booster group took over in 2011. He is a running back on the high school team.

“We take pride in knowing we try to raise as much as we can,” Quinton said. “It brings us together as a team. It makes us more of a family. It’s more of a pride and family thing.”

Quinton said he never had a job until he started working at Kreamy Kreations in 2011.

The experience he has gained in talking to people and learning other facets of the job helped him get hired at KFC. He wants to stay involved with the fundraiser throughout high school and into college, he said.

“If I go to Marietta College, I’ll still do as much as I can to help them have a good program,” Quinton said.

One of Quinton’s teammates, junior Spencer Frum, 17, fullback and right side linebacker, also is a veteran of the first two seasons.

“I’ve learned to be more courteous and to serve the public,” Frum said. “We get the football team’s name out there and get more support for it.”

Frum also said working at the ice cream stand helps him learn to adapt when a customer orders something different.

“It gives you people skills and how to interact with customers,” he said.

Frum also said this fall’s football squad should be a lot better with the number of seniors the team will have and the program will be more effective.

“Just getting good grades and having football don’t guarantee they’ll get into college,” Ford said. “The importance of philanthropy is something we hope stays with them for a lifetime.”