George’s Place Bar & Grill to get video lottery

PARKERSBURG – George’s Place Bar & Grill at 414 Grand Park Drive will be getting video lottery machines.

Wood County’s video lottery ordinance prohibits locating video lotteries within 1,000 feet of a residential area, highway, hotel. The request for the video lottery machines, filed earlier by restaurant owner George Tannous was denied by John Reed, county compliance officer, based on the prohibitions in the current county ordinance. So Tannous filed for a variance from the Wood County Commission.

“We have space next to us and the plan is to expand, put in a door and the video lottery machines would be placed in there. We just need a little help. The economy is tight. We just need some help to generate more funds. It would help generate more traffic for the business,” Tannous told the commissioners Monday.

“He’s asking for a variance to the Jan. 31 ruling,” Reed told the commission.

“It seems like in this case the highway wouldn’t be an issue,” commission President Wayne Dunn said.

It was noted there are also other establishments operating as video lottery businesses nearby.

County officials noted the area is primarily commercial, with the residential area across the street and on a hill.

“Willowbrook is really out of sight of the establishment, but it does fall within the ordinance’s 1,000 feet area,” said Commissioner Blair Couch. “It seems like you just want an added amenity to the restaurant.”

“We just need a little help to generate more funds,” Tannous said.

“With the business climate the way it is now, and we try to help businesses, I make a motion to allow it,” Commissioner Steve Gainer said.

“The room would be adults only and the video lottery machines would not be your primary business. Personally, I don’t think we should have these machines in the state at all, but I know it helps business, and in this case, it shouldn’t create a problem for the community as a whole,” Dunn said.

Tannous noted he’s been in the restaurant business in the area for more than 30 years.

Dunn and Gainer voted in the affirmative. Couch noted no.

“I always vote no on these. I don’t like the expansion of video lottery machines,” Couch said.